Exploding Banjo

It’s been as while…

Hi There

I’ve been bussy practicing my banjo rolls and simple tunes, and that has been more fun for me, than writing a blog – but rest assure folks, there is a post coming soon.

I realised quickly, that I had to start using a capo and therefore also a 5th string capo og as I have chosen, railroad spikes. Now I didn’t bother to buy my banjo with spikes already mounted, so I have to do it my self. I have consulted a buddy of mine and he’s fairly sure, that we can do this ourselves. We have been watching some video tutorials and it seems pretty straightforward. I’ll post some links below this article.

We have decided to film the proces, and make a little video ourselves, so that other beginners can see, that working on your banjo, issn’t dangerous at all – let’s hope that it won’t turn out as the picture 😂

Stay tuned



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