Installing Rail Road Spikes

Hi There

This post will be the first video post on the page. I made it because I wanted to show that it’s not that hard to install rail road spikes at home. You don’t have to be a luthier or anything, just plain thorough and a little careful.

I invited my best friend Ulf to help me out with this – meaning he’s is doing all the work and I hold the camera. Ulf is a very handy guy, who is always working on small projects and building stuff around his house.

I decided on installing spikes because I didn’t want to bother with a 5th string capo and I have an idea that I’ll be getting in to “super tuning” pretty soon, ad spikes just makes more sense I that area.

Hope you enjoy the video – neither Ulf nor I are film makers, we’re musicians.

Stay Tuned


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